Brochure "Combating Antimicrobial Resistance – Examples of Best-Practices of the G7 Countries"

The G7 health ministers discussed measures to combat antibiotic resistance during their meeting on 8-9 October in Berlin. The G7 countries contributed good examples from practice (best practices ) that have been collected in a booklet . The brochure is the first ever collection of best practices showing the wide range of actions that are carried out successfully in the G7 countries. Special attention is given on putting the combined animal and human health approach into practice. The booklet is aimed at professionals, who themselves would like to carry out measures to combat antimicrobial resistance in their institutions, municipalities or regions . It therefore supports the implementation of a WHO-resolution, with which the Member States have committed themselves to develop their own national plans against antimicrobial resistance within the next two years. We hope that the brochure will give you a good insight and inspiration.